Turtle journey at Sukamade Beach

I think the trip to the Sukamade beach tourist location is just a few minutes’ drive away. It turns out it’s not that simple and quite far because you have to pass through forests and rivers.

“This isn’t your average traveling experience, this is an extraordinary off-road adventure!”

The starting point for Sukamade Turtle Conservation is Meru Betiri National Park in Banyuwangi, East Java. This is a rough road in a large forest but really worth it with the beautiful natural views along the way. The most amazing moment I had was a river crossing! It’s like showing a river in real life. There are no bridges! And I’ve said before that this is a great off-road wild adventure, so don’t worry; there is not just one river that must be crossed. It’s four!

After arriving at Sukamade Turtle Conservation I thought I could immediately release the baby turtles into the sea. But I was wrong because it was getting dark and the best time to release the baby turtles was in the morning. I thought that I would spend the whole night resting at the resort but suddenly the lifeguard informed us via intercom that the mother turtle had landed on the beach and was ready to lay her eggs.

It’s 700 meters or 15 minutes to reach the beach. It’s not too long even if you have to walk because any vehicle is prohibited from entering. Walking at night through the forest is a little scary. Wild boar and lizards can be anywhere. That’s why turtle eggs must be saved immediately after the mother lays them.

I thought it would be great if I turned on the light from my phone for a clearer view but that idea was useless. We are strictly prohibited from using lights or making any noise. It’s really dark and quiet! This is a sterile area. Mother turtles will not land on the beach and lay eggs because they feel disturbed.

I think it is a rare moment for turtles to lay eggs. However, in reality there are always turtles that lay their eggs on Sukamade Beach every night. So actually I wasn’t that lucky. But it was an unbelievable moment to see how the eggs came out of the turtle and how the turtle buried the eggs in the sand. A turtle lays 150 eggs in one period of time and emerges again 4 years later. What a night!

I am very excited when I wake up in the morning. “Time to release the turtles!”

Of a thousand baby turtles, 1-2 will be able to survive in the sea. This is a sad fact. Life is very difficult even for turtles. I gave it a kiss before letting the cute baby turtle touch the beach sand for the first time. Start your own journey. He quickly ran into the sea. I could feel how happy he was. Even if life is difficult, the adventures and experiences are worth exploring.