Visiting villages with indigenous tribes must be included in your travel destination ideas. This was one of my best experiences visiting an indigenous tribe with unique culture, traditional houses, and rituals. But don’t worry, this indigenous tribe isn’t like a wild indigenous tribe that will catch you on fire like in movies. “This indigenous tribe

If you are a coffee lover, I think you must come to this Indonesia travel destinations. A place to taste different vibes of drinking coffee. More than that, it’s not just about coffee. It’s about kinship, culture, and warmth mixed in one cup of coffee that you can only find here! Ngopi Sepuluh Ewu is

This is about the fairyland in the real world. The best location to travel for different amazing holiday experiences. I didn’t expect much from this destination. However, it turns out that this ancient forest feels more like a fantasy place. A place where you will find a view of the real Fangorn Forest from The

Have you ever felt curious about the things behind the hill? It sounds like traveling adventure idea. It might hide something attractive or something beautiful. Okay, just stop thinking then, because this hidden paradise behind the hill is waiting for your barefoot steps on its soft white sands! Located in Banyuwangi, east Java, Indonesia. This

Vacations ideas for families would be boring without any natural things in them. I was thinking of just taking my kids to the beach, where they can have fun with the sand and sea water on the shoreline. But it’s just an ordinary holiday. So just try this one idea if you need “a different

Visiting a tourist location on a hidden island is one idea for a fun family vacation. It was kind of following the sound of the wind. The wind from the uninhabitated island. It sounds like a creepy story, doesn’t it? Hold on! Believe me, it’s totally the opposite of something unreal. This is the real

Banyuwangi is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia which is quite unique. There are seven major ethnicities in one regency. Can you imagine how many cultures you’ll find there? It’s just like everywhere. “Culture are everywhere” in Banyuwangi regency. This tourist location is on the easternmost island of Java and borders the island of

Visiting a tourist location on an uninhabited island with white sand around it as a barrier to the blue sea is quite easy to attract curiosity to visit. But don’t be too easily satisfied with just the island until you dive into the beautiful blue sea of Menjangan Island in the northern part of West

This extraordinary tourist location combines the stories of miners and the incredible cycles of natural change. There are many interesting travel experiences and stories to be had. Don’t think that it’s just a mountain with ordinary natural scenery. I bet this will be your “special sunrise experience in your life!” This is the beautiful sunrise

Wandering through every corner of the Baluran National Park tourist location is not enough for just one day. This tourist location is quite extensive, approximately 25,000 ha, which is divided into 3 parts: Forest, beach and savanna Get your binoculars ready to spot some amazing wild animals in Little Africa in Java, Indonesia. You can