Menjangan Island’s underwater world

Visiting a tourist location on an uninhabited island with white sand around it as a barrier to the blue sea is quite easy to attract curiosity to visit. But don’t be too easily satisfied with just the island until you dive into the beautiful blue sea of Menjangan Island in the northern part of West Bali National Park, Indonesia.

This tourist location in the form of an island covers an area of around 15 square miles. This island is a conservation area for coral reef and deer populations. And there are several temples on one side of the island. So you may see some Hindus coming to pray on Menjangan Island.

I chose the crossing point from Watu Dodol Beach, Banyuwangi, to Menjangan Island. You can choose Labuhan Lalang Ferry Port if you are from Bali. It just depends on where your starting point is. But the important thing is that you can only find snorkeling gear rentals in your crossing-point area. Including a food stall. You wouldn’t find anything on Menjangan Island, not even the freshwater. There are no natural fresh water sources like rivers or lakes there. That’s why not only sunblock was in my bag, but drink water must also be included.

The popular thing about Menjangan Island is not the island. But the “amazing underwater world” around the island features vibrant coral reefs with a rich diversity of marine life. This is “the paradise of snorkeling and diving” with “the stunning crystal clear water!” Providing excellent visibility for your snorkeling and diving activities. So you better clear your work schedule as clear as the Menjangan Island crystal water during the dry season from May to September, the best time to snorkel and dive.

This amazing underwater view of Menjangan Island just hypnotized me! There are a lot of excellent snorkeling and diving sites that can be explored. Healthy coral gardens and a variety of fish species at Pos 1 and Pos 2 are my favorite sites. Post 2 offers deeper waters for more experienced divers. So if you’re a beginner, Pos 1 is suitable for you. Menjangan Wall is another popular dive site, with a steep wall covered in vibrant coral formations. Clear visibility and diverse marine life are the best things here. Save your energy for this Eel Garden site, where you can meet numerous eels.

Need more? Go to the Anker Wreck site! A small wreck lying at a depth of around 20 meters. It’s covered in corals and attracts schools of fish. Need the shallow one? Meet the Coral Garden site, a shallow area with a diverse array of corals and marine life and an excellent spot for snorkeling. Colorful fish and other underwater creatures can be observed in this vibrant environment. Not yet! There is still one more site! The Batu Karang site has large coral boulders and underwater rock formations, creating an interesting landscape for divers. Its clear waters and abundant marine biodiversity are something you won’t ignore.

So, what are you waiting for?!