Kite surving paradise of Tabuhan Island

Visiting a tourist location on a hidden island is one idea for a fun family vacation. It was kind of following the sound of the wind. The wind from the uninhabitated island. It sounds like a creepy story, doesn’t it? Hold on! Believe me, it’s totally the opposite of something unreal. This is the real adventure of the real extreme watersport experience!

This fun tourist spot is called Tabuhan Island which is an uninhabited island in Banyuwangi, East Java. You can take local boat services from Bangsring Beach on Banyuwangi Cross to Tabuhan Island. It’s only 15–20 minutes away.

You’ll get the best scenery of some mountains around Tabuhan Island as well as a beautiful view of the blue sea. And the crystal-clear water of Tabuhan Island mesmerized me enough to dive in. The stunning underwater view with colorful coral formations and various fish species means Tabuhan Island is more than just a kite surfing destination. It’s such a complete holiday destination.

During the west monsoon season, winds typically blow from east to west, creating windy conditions in this area where the sound of the wind comes from. And that’s how the Osing tribe, a native tribe from Banyuwangi, names its Tabuhan, which means sound. Sound of the winds. The fisherman told me all those things, and it just made me even more excited about exploring Tabuhan Island. If you are a watersports enthusiast, I bet you have the same feeling as me. It’s time to catch the wind!

Tabuhan Island has fairly strong and constant wind speeds of between 21 and 25 knots, which is more than the minimum standard wind speed for kitesurfing. Providing the ideal conditions for experienced kite surfers to perform tricks and jumps. The wind speed on Tabuhan Island is always above 20 knots, especially in August. No wonder that “International kite surfing” on this uninhabited island has been held several times. The consistent and strong winds create ideal conditions for your excellent kite surfing. You will be amazed at its reliable and steady wind patterns, which provide a thrilling and enjoyable experience on its crystal-clear water. Offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable kite surfing adventure. This would be your favorite kite surfing destination to travel

I explored the whole of the uninhabitated Tabuhan island for only 15 minutes by walk. And all I found was just an ancient lighthouse from the Japanese colonial era as a historical heritage site. There are no natural freshwater sources. So you must prepare enough supplies of drinking water and food, especially if your staycation idea is to stay for a night to build your tent on the white sands of Tabuhan Island. Enjoy the sunset after spending your high energy having fun with the winds and waves all day on your kiteboarding. Such an excellent vacation for adventures! So get your kite gear ready and have a blast as you “ride the wind”, cruising along the water on the paradise of Tabuhan Island!