Red Island, Banyuwangi

Wandering the red sand dunes

To be able to reach this hill, you have to wait for the sea to recede so that land is formed as a way to the hill. The best time to visit the hill is in the afternoon around 3 o’clock because at that time the sea water begins to recede. From the top of the hill you can see the expanse of the blue sea more clearly and witness the beautiful light of the evening sky meeting the reflection of the sunset on the sea surface. On the way from the coast to the hills you can find various marine biota left behind by the receding sea water. It is highly recommended to wear footwear to protect your feet when your feet step on small shells with sharp shells that can hurt your feet.


Due to the rarity of the coral reefs on the beach, visitors can play in the clear sea water. Not only playing in the water, visitors can also swim. But remember swimming should only be done if the sea water is calm and the waves are not too high.

Boat Ride

For those of you who like adrenaline, you can go boating around the beach. Visitors can rent a traditional boat owned by local fishermen. Usually one boat can carry about 8-10 people. Besides going around the beach, visitors can also fish on a boat. If you want to fish, you must bring your own fishing rod. The management does not provide fishing gear rental. Visitors should pay attention to the weather and waves when deciding whether to take a boat. If the weather is bad and the waves are too high then it’s better to just play in the sand on the beach.