Ijen Crater’s blue fire phenomenon before Sunrise

This extraordinary tourist location combines the stories of miners and the incredible cycles of natural change. There are many interesting travel experiences and stories to be had. Don’t think that it’s just a mountain with ordinary natural scenery. I bet this will be your “special sunrise experience in your life!” This is the beautiful sunrise on turquoise-colored acidic lake at Kawah Ijen volcanic crater! This volcano with 2,799 meters above sea level, located in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. It’s about an hour and a half from Banyuwangi by bus or rental car to Paltuding, the checkpoint for Kawah Ijen’s visitors.

Actually, it’s not just the way to find the beautiful sunrise that is the reason to start trekking at night. It is “the only spectacular blue fire phenomenon in the world!” And usually only visible in the early morning before sunrise. This phenomenon is caused by burning sulfur gas which reacts with oxygen in the air to create a stunning blue flame on a dark night. Make sure you don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Paltuding is the starting point of the journey. If you feel hungry, don’t hesitate to buy food at the roadside stalls nearby. You need to be in good shape because the track is a bit challenging with almost 45 degree angles and cold temperatures. You will encounter the volcano’s sulfur smoke as you descend the crater to get closer to the blue fire phenomenon. So using a mask with a high efficiency air particulate filter is highly recommended. Don’t worry, you can find gas mask rentals there. And don’t forget your headlamp for nighttime adventure trips.

If walking is too tiring you could consider trying a trolly taxi with three men who will take you up and down the mountain. Several trollies are used by sulfur miners to carry sulfur from the top of the mountain to the bottom. However, from the bottom of the crater to the edge of the crater, one person will carry 90 kg of yellow sulfur lumps on his shoulders. One of the most challenging jobs in the world you can see there.

Spectacular blue flames then the most special sunrise on the enchanting turquoise lake. What a great list for a memorable experience! So get ready for your hiking shoes! Choose the right direction at the top of the mountain to find the iconic dry tree, the most favorite spot in Kawah Ijen. It may take you a while for the smoke to clear from the stunning view of the torquoise acid lake. Then you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise at the Ijen Crater perfectly!