Holiday Experience with thousand fish

Vacations ideas for families would be boring without any natural things in them. I was thinking of just taking my kids to the beach, where they can have fun with the sand and sea water on the shoreline. But it’s just an ordinary holiday. So just try this one idea if you need “a different exciting holiday experience.”

Located in Banyuwangi, east Java, Indonesia. Bangsring Underwater is a conservation area to witness marine life through snorkeling or diving. It’s safe for your kids. Even my 3-year-old son got really excited and mesmerized by his first underwater experience at Bangsring Underwater.

Guide travel begins at Banyuwangi International Airport. It took around 1 hour to reach Bangsring. From Bangsring Beach Pier to Bangsring Underwater Spot, it is only 20 meters.

I saw a lot of beautiful fish, even just from above the floating house. And my kids were so excited to feed the fish some bread. You may prepare fish foods or bread to attract the fishes comes to your kids, so they will be very excited to see the morris idol, blue devil, sergeant fish, yellow tang, baronang, angle fish, butterfly fish, even tengiri and tuna, and some other various kinds of fish. Just imagine how excited your kids would be.

Feeding fish is not enough before you dive into the water. Feel the sensation of being around the fish. You can rent snorkeling gear there. And don’t forget about your kid’s life vest. But if you don’t have any idea at all about snorkeling things for your kids, then you can hire a tour guide service at Bangsring Beach. That professional tour guide will guide and take care of your kids safety while in the water.

My favorite part of Bangsring Underwater is the part where I can “swim with the baby shark!” Such an amazing experience. Bangsring Underwater is also used as a fish clinic. When fishermen accidentally catch a baby shark, the baby shark will be cared for in this place until it is completely recovered and ready to be released into the open sea. Don’t worry, there will be a guard who will guide you while the baby shark swims around you. All you need to do is not make any sudden moves, and don’t panic. They will make sure that the baby shark is already tame. So just prepare your guts, and everything will be fine.

As a holiday experience, you may try the thrill of speed and the bouncing motion of the excited banana boat at Bangsring Beach. Such perfect family time before you get back to your resort around the beach. So plan your family’s vacation right away!