G-Land, Hunting waves

G-Land is the best tourist destination that combines tranquility and adventure to refresh yourself.

The fresh air in Alas Purwo National Park is the beginning of an adventure. The lush trees relaxed the mind for a few minutes before suddenly the car slowed down because something was crossing the road. It was a beautiful green peacock. Actually, it is not only green peacocks that are found in Alas Purwo National Park, but also several other wildlife such as deer, birds, Javan bulls and monkeys. I don’t imagine wilderness, just imagine challenging surf spots. However, this tourist attraction provides a bonus because you can see flora and fauna on your wave hunting trip.

The strong winds from the Indian Ocean really hit your face when you reach the beach. No wonder you can find lots of track waves, speed waves, kong waves!

Go there around April to October during Indonesia’s dry season. Best season for cleaner, more consistent waves and less rain

G-Land is also known as Plengkung Beach, at least that’s what I read from the sign. The name G-Land actually comes from another name for Plengkung Beach, namely Grajagan Bay. So the pronunciation of G-Land most likely appears as an abbreviation of Grajagan. However, there is another reason why local people call it G-Land because the shape of the bay resembles the letter G when viewed from above. Then this tourist location became popular as G-Land among surfers. I prefer to call it G-Land because my tongue spells it easier.

When surfing you can see the beauty of trees from a distance. G-Land combines stunning natural beauty and lush tropical jungle. I will go back there again