TUTORIAL : How To Make Easy Bun Hair Style

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Have long hair or short, each has a different style and appearance. Actually there are many models of hair makeup that you can do yourself. One of them is an easy way to make bun hair style. Both short and long hair, hairdo with a model like this is quite easy to do. Then how to do this hairdo bun?

It does not require a lot of equipment and also a long time. Bun hairdo we can do ourselves at home. Especially for those of you who want to look more concise while attending a casual event with friends. This hair style is being widely used by Hollywood artists. Because in addition to easy, bun hairdo style can make the shape of our face becomes longer.

Equipment Needed for Bun Hairdo
Before doing hair dressing with this hair bun model, make sure you have equipped some equipment that is needed.
1. Use a comfortable comb
Choose a comb that makes us comfortable when applying it to the hair. Did you know that the comb also affects the strength or absence of our hair? Then choose a comb with a comfortable comb in the head
2. Prepare the flip-flops
It is important to use flops. This clasp is needed to make hair more tidy. No other because the tongue flops are often used to apply makeup including bun hairdo. Do not just one, but prepare some flip-flops to straighten hair.

3. Prepare the hair tie
Choose a comfortable hair bundle used. Which is not too tight but also not too tenuous. Because hair ties using Japanese rubber determine how the end result of bun hairdo that we do. Try to choose a natural hair tie or in accordance with the natural color of our hair. This method to cover the use of a hair band on the head.

4. Hairspray
Hairspray has a very important role in hair stylist. Spray hairspray for hairdo last longer and not messy.

Step – Step Bun Hairdo
If the equipment to do this bun hairdo is ready, it’s time to follow some steps. Check out the explanation below.
1. Horse tail tail
The first step for a hairdo bun is to ponytail the hair with a ponytail shape. Be sure to make the ponytail a bit high so that the bun hairdo looks more appealing. Different with messy bun hair model is a bit messy, Bun hairdo has a result that is so neat. Make a sleek ponytail at the top.2. Use 4 fingers as a hairstyle
Take about 1/6 of the upper part of the hair. Comb the hair part that you take so as not to tangle. Then spray the hairspray to make it slightly stiff. Scroll 1/6 of this hair forward using 4 fingers to form a sphere. After that use the tongue pegs to tie the hair to the position and shape does not change. Pinch the hair on the right and left so that the hairdo is more solid. After you do this, trim the result by using a comb so that the shape expands and does not deflated. If it is enough, repeat the same thing for other hair parts. Take about 1/6 more, then roll forward. Previously do not forget to spray hairspray to make hair more stiff and easy to roll. Then use the sticks. And so on until all parts of the hair form small spheres and eventually appear to be a great union.
3. Trim Time Hair
If the shape of the bun on the hair has been formed neatly and looks like a sphere, it’s time to tidy the hair around it. Comb the remaining hair part according to the groove. If necessary use a stickpin stick so that the rest of the long hair can be attached to the other hair. If the rest of the hair around the round bun is neat, spray the hairspray to attach a small part at a time to strengthen the other part.

Bun hairdo is also called a hair style that never dies. Because bad hair will be easily overcome in this way. Like going to campus, work or even a romantic dinner with your partner. Bun hairdo is simple and elegant to make the appearance feels light. That means we no longer need to be confused that the hair will fall apart for the whole day.

If you want to appear more leverage, do not forget to prepare a natural makeup. Use a makeup that matches the color of your dress. This makes us the center of attention because of its elegant appearance. For example, by reinforcing the eye makeup and using colored lipstick in accordance with our skin tone. Do not forget to give a blush on your cheeks to look more fresh. Make yourself more special with this simple bun hairdo. Follow the easy way to make Bun Hair Style carefully, get the hair makeup as desired. Good luck !
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