Tips : Natural Make Up for Everyday Activities

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Using makeup must look at the context of the events that we attend. The goal is to make the makeup fit the show and not make a fool. For example, makeup to go to the office and makeup to attend the party is obviously much different. For the party we can use glamorous makeup. While coming to the office we can use natural makeup to keep looking fresh throughout the day. And so that your appearance looks more simple, you can combine this type of natural makeup with a bun hair style that has a shape like a donut. What is needed for natural makeup everyday?

Natural make up tips for everyday activities will require simple cosmetic equipment. Some of them are foundation, powder, eyebrow, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick and blush on. Each has a different way of choosing colors and types. Its use is also different to create the impression of natural makeup. Check out the full review below.

Tips on Use of Natural Makeup and Flawless
  1. Face

Want a memorable appearance with natural makeup can be started with makeup on face. Make sure the face is clean from dust and dirt. Can by using facial foam or other facial cleanser used daily. Make face makeup begins to apply the foundation on our face. Take a little foundation and place it on the cheeks, chin, tip of the nose and in the forehead near the eyebrows. Brush using a brush or beauty blender.

If the foundation is evenly distributed, apply powder and apply with a brush. Avoid powder that is too much if the foundation is enough to cover our stain. Will be more leverage using loose powder because the result is not too thick. In contrast to the solid powder, some of which already contains a moisturizer or foundation. The first thing you should do is create contours and highlights. This is very useful to provide the right frame according to the shape of our face. You can learn how to create contours and highlights in previous articles.

  1. Eyes

If you have eyeprimer then it could not hurt to be applied on our eyelids first. Can also provide a little foundation on the eyelid to get a more durable eyeshadow. Begin by giving a natural color like light brown on the entire eyelid. Then give a little dark color: like dark brown at the end of the eye. Use an eyeshadow brush to make it look softer.

After the eyeshadow is finished, you can switch to the eyeliner section. Be sure to choose the right eyeliner. At the time you apply eyeliner, should not pull the tip of the eye with the fingers because the skin in this section easily slack. Draw a line from the outer corner to the eyelid and do not paint it too thick up to some lines. Thin and try to scratch once.

Next use mascara. This cosmetic item makes our eyelashes thick and tapering. More maximal again using eyelash curler. Pinch for a while, apply mascara slowly. Avoid shaking it so it does not clot.

  1. Eyebrow

Framing the eyebrows is an easy job. No need to shave it. All you have to do is create an eyebrow frame before coloring it as a whole. Follow the existing line from the tip of the eyebrow to the corner of the eye. Then proceed with the top but do not need too thick. If it is framed to follow the existing brow line, fill in the eyebrow in using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow pomade. Will more leverage using eyebrow brush to flatten the color. Give gradations at the base of the eyebrows close to the nose. Do the same for the other eyebrows.

  1. Cheek

Time to give a fresh impression on our cheeks. Know the location of the cheek jaw. Mix the blush on according to the location of the cheekbone from top to bottom. Choose the desired color. There is also a choice of colors of heat (light) and cold (dark) under the eyes. Use a hairy, wide brush

  1. Lip

The final step is to daub a lipstick. For more durable, you can use the help of lip liner. Scratch the line on the inside of the lips according to the curve. Then apply the lipstick evenly. If using lipcream, you will not be difficult because it already has a shape. In contrast to those using solid lipstick, use the appropriate brush to make the end result more visible as a natural makeup. You can read how to use the correct lipstick in the previous article.

Natural make up for daily activities is not difficult. It only takes some cosmetic equipment. It’s just that we need enough free time especially for beginners. Make sure not hasty in makeup so that the results more tidy.

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