Sunrise at Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi

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Ijen crater is a lake on Mount Ijen, formed by the eruption of Mount Ijen that makes the crater filled with water to form a lake that is really amazing. Interestingly, the location of Ijen crater is in the middle of the widest Caldera in Java with a diameter of 6km. The size of the crater itself is about 20 km square with a depth of 200 meters. This crater is located more than 300 meters deep under the lips of Caldera. In addition, the acid content in the crater close to zero with temperatures reaching 200 degrees Celsius. Which means, the water in the crater is enough to burn anything even the human body in a short time. But calm down, as long as you are still within a safe distance, Ijen Crater is not dangerous. However, because of the very high sulfur content, you must wear a mask for comfort while breathing. The temperature around the crater averages 10 degrees. Even at certain times can reach 5 degrees. For that, do not forget to bring warm clothes and thick.

What can be done in Ijen Crater

To enjoy the beauty of the crater of ijen, you must leave at night from Banyuwangi. Ideally it is 11pm. The trip is approximately 30km or about 2 hours drive to get to Basecamp Paltuding. The complete route is below


From the basecamp of Paltuding parking area, you will walk 3 km to the crater lip. The road is sandy soil and quite uphill. Prepare the physical and warming up before starting the climb. Do not forget to bring a flashlight, sweater and water. Although uphill, the path of sandy soil to the lip of the crater is quite wide. Relieved enough to walk together. There are 2 stops if you feel exhausted and tired. The 3km road isn’t all uphill. There are some points which are flat roads although not many. Well… a thin bonus

Fenomena Kawah Ijen

Blue Fire phenomenon

After walking for 3km, you will arrive at the lip of the crater. From this place the smell of sulfur was even more intense. Especially if the wind is headed towards you. Visitors MUST wear a mask at the location of Ijen Crater. It aims to minimize shortness of breath due to the smell of sulfur fumes are indeed extraordinary. Rental masks can be found here, or in the location of the parking area which is the entrance. Masker rental fee IDR 100K. To see Blue Fire you have to get off the crater lips as far as 800m. The road is quite steep and narrow. The rock path that passes just enough for one person only. Sometimes we have to pass alternately with sulfur miners going up. We better give them the opportunity to pass first. We should feel sorry for them, because they carry heavy sulfur on their backs to climb up

Blue Fire

At the Blue Fire location, you will truly see an impressive Natural Phenomenon. How can the flame appear in the middle of the sulfur mining area. Sometimes it’s dim, but then burns instantly. This blue flame can only be seen at night or until before sunrise approximately at 5 am

Sunrise at Kawah Ijen

After seeing Blue Fire, you have to go up again over the same path. Pretty heavy because the track is steep and uphill. Arriving at the top, there are two options. Want to go directly to the basecamp, or see the sunrise? It’s a shame if you decide to go down to Basecamp. There are still more Exotic Enchantment of Ijen Crater that you can enjoy. Seeing the sunrise from the top of Mount Ijen with the bluish green lake charm is a beautiful scenery that is not to be missed. To reach this location, we have to walk approximately 2 km to the summit of Mount Ijen. The road is quite climbing, but the slope is not like the road from the basecamp to the Blue Fire location. At 5 – 5.30 am, you will see an amazing sunrise from the top of Mount Ijen. While down there, the lake is a bluish green look clearly visible along with the emergence of the sun from the eastern horizon. The gradations of blue sky mixed with the red rays of the sun looked stunning in the eyes. The cold and the morning breeze hissing in the ears is a soothing chorus of nature. From behind a thick jacket that warms the body, your lips will surely smile to feel the atmosphere like this. Guaranteed! Fatigue just as an opening only. The rest, the natural charm of Ijen Crater will make you grateful

Sunrise kawah Ijen

Hunting Photos

For those who like Landscape photos, Ijen crater is one of the best spots. In addition to aiming for the sunrise and the lake at the top of the Crater, you can also take the Blue Fire phenomenon below. Do not forget to bring a tripod so that your shots focus and sharp because it should take pictures in a dark and minimal light. In addition to Landscape, the activities of the sulfur miners around the Blue Fire location are good moments to be perpetuated. Nice story… The expression as well as the kind of work they do really look natural in the frame

Tourist attractions in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is a city located on the easternmost tip of Java Island. If you are from outside East Java, you can take a plane to Surabaya and then continue by land trip to Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi has many tourist attractions besides Ijen Crater. Another place you can visit is the Sukamade beach to see the turtle nesting eggs at night, and remove thousands of hatchling in the morning. The atmosphere on Sukamade Beach is similar to Bedul Mangrove. The difference mangrove Bedul we can surround the vast mangrove plant by boat. Do not think this mangrove plant is short. This plant grows tall and dense so that it closes the sun. Day and afternoon seemed not so different. It’s also exciting even though its location is far from the city center. If you want to learn to surf and parasailing, from sukamade beach you can stop to Pulau Merah beach which has the best sunrise. Adjacent to Sukamade Beach, there is a Teluk Hijau beach called Green bay. Teluk Hijau Beach is slightly different from other beaches because the water around the beach is green. Banyuwangi also has the largest savanna in Asia. Being in Baluran National Park you can enjoy the atmosphere of Africa with wild animals that still live and thrive naturally there. Really interesting! You will not feel the loss of determining Banyuwangi as a Tourist Destination. For those who want to stay longer, enjoy the underwater charm of Menjangan Island can be an alternative tourist destination. Although the area is in West Bali regency, access to it can be reached through Banyuwangi because it is still in the border region.

If you want to travel to Banyuwangi you can contact Colouring Indonesia via Contact Us

Tips Hiking in Ijen Crater

  • Don’t forget to get up early so you do not rush after sunrise. Ideally, leave at 11 pm from Banyuwangi. According to the calculation of the clock, you will have enough time even though there are plenty of breaks along the climb.
  • Bring a flashlight or other lighting.
  • Bring a sweater and wear headgear to your ears for warmth.
  • Bring enough water to drink and not necessarily carry a large bag. A small bag will feel so heavy if you’ve climbed.
  • Don’t wear jeans. Wear material pants or cargo pants. Jeans, especially the street will add more cold
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