HOW TO : Contour and Highlight For Beginners

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Creating contours and highlights requires some makeup tools. Especially brush and also beauty blender. For beginners, how to use contour and highlight this face is not perfect immediately. But with you reading and studying this article, at least you can practice right away to produce contour and highlight faces for the better. These two ways are the most basic make up stages to make the face more ideal. For example to make the cheeks that become more taper cheek etc. Check out the reviews below

Know What is Contour and Highlight

Contour is one of the makeup techniques that aims to highlight some parts of the face by giving a dark color. The goal is to provide framing on the face. The trick is to use contour powder and also some makeup brush. But must be done carefully because if the contour face is wrong then the appearance can look strange.

While not much different from the highlights. If contour is giving a dark color, then the highlight is to give a light color. The goal is that our faces have dimensions. Contour requires touch in some parts of the face but highlighter usually only takes a smooth sweep on the cheek, chin and also forehead.

Contour and Face Highlighter Equipment

To make perfect makeup in contour and highlight faces we need some tools, such as:

  1. Foundation
  2. Powder
  3. Angled bronzing brush
  4. Beauty blender
  5. Contour powder and contour stick are quality and easy to apply. We recommend choosing a color 2 levels darker than the color of the foundation. That way, the countouring results will look more natural

How to Make Contour and Face Highlight

Once all the equipment is ready, it’s time to know and learn how to contour and highlight faces. If you are more comfortable and easy in using a beauty blender then please use it. Meanwhile, if you want to use the brush is also not bad, it’s just usually to contour the face is using a beauty blender. While the brush is used to provide highlights on the face.

1. Hair Tie with Bandana

The first way to contour and highlight the right face is to tie the hair using a bandana. If your hair is long and bangs are difficult to set then make sure it is using bandana. Doing make up with the condition of hair decomposes will be very disturbing. Tie your long hair and make sure there are no strands of hair around the eyes and block the free movement in applying makeup

2. Make sure the Face Is Clean

In doing makeup the first time should also be considered is the condition of the face is clean. If our face dirty but still do make up of dirt that sticks will make the face becomes unhealthy. Clean the face first with a facial foam and make sure it is dry and free of dust and dirt

3. Use Foundation

The next step before contour and highlight faces is to use the foundation with the right color. If necessary, use a beauty blender so that the foundation can be evenly distributed in every area of ​​the face

4. Apply Contour

If the use of the foundation is perfect, then it is time to contour. Use the right contour powder. Apply according to face shape. Starting from below the right and left cheekbones. Under the forehead hairline. Along the left and right jawbone. Right side left of nose. Fold under the lips and also on the left side of the right chin

 5. Apply Highlight

After contouring the face is complete, it’s time to give highlights on the face. Almost the same as contour, giving highlight can also be adjusted to the face shape. Can be in the middle of the forehead, cheekbones, nasal bones, chin and upper lip. Mix the contour and highlight evenly. The equipment can use a brush or a beauty blender

Shown beautiful by using contour and highlight the right face is not difficult. Know how the shape of our face and how also contour the face that should be applied. Shown beautiful is not impossible for every woman. It’s time to be confident with the perfect beauty.

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