Recommendations of tourist attractions in Banyuwangi

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For the traveler, visiting the tourist attractions in Banyuwangi is an exciting adventure story that is very memorable. The city is located at the eastern tip of the island of Java is much to save the hidden natural beauty that deserves to be proud of. Banyuwangi seemed to describe the landscape of Indonesia as a whole. From the chill of the mountains to the warm sunshine on the coast, everything has the best viewing angle of the eye. For those of you who like to explore Indonesian tourism, Banyuwangi tourist spot location below you can make a reference for the next destination

Sukamade Beach

Sukamade beach is famous for turtle breeding. Although there are quite a lot of coastline along the coast of Java island, Sukamade Beach became one of the locations selected by these vertebrate group animals to breed. You can see how the turtles landed on the beach, then lay their eggs back to the beach at night. To get to the beach Sukamade, you will go through the road offroad exciting. From the start uphill and winding road, muddy and rocky, to have to cross the river with a depth of approximately 1 meter. Really like adventure in a wild area. There are many exciting experiences you can get to go to Sukamade Beach

Pulau Merah Beach

Pulau Merah beach is one of the tourist sites in Banyuwangi which is on the rise. The charm of this exotic southern coast has a really fascinating moment when the sun goes back to the bed. The reddish sunshine in the afternoon is reflected off the surface of the sea and makes the atmosphere of the beach red in its entirety. A small island in the form of boulders of large rocks located not far from the shoreline became the icon and the main concern among the cluster of other islands far away there. That’s why they call it the Red Island (Pulau Merah). The waves at Pulau Merah Beach are called as one of the best in East Java and Indonesia so it is suitable for surfing activities. With the wave height varying between 2 to 5 meters you can learn to surf with the professional guides there. In addition, other activities such as parasailing and playing jetski also you can do here.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is the best place for diving or snorkeling lovers. In this place you will be truly spoiled with a beautiful underwater charm with an abundant coral reef habitat and abundant biodiversity. Can be said, Menjangan Island is a paradise of the diver. You can dive from a depth of 3 meters to 30 meters. But if you are still a beginner, just snorkel it at a depth of 2-3m. Actually Menjangan Island Location is located in the north of West Bali National Park area. Precisely in the Village Klampok, District Grokgak, Buleleng regency, Bali. But access to this island can be reached from Grand Watu Dodol located in Banyuwangi.

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Baluran National Park

Actually, the location of Baluran National Park is still included in the area of Situbondo Regency. Located on the left of the provincial highway and bordering the district of Banyuwangi. Baluran National Park or better known as the nickname Africa Van Java is a natural conservation area that has a native ecosystem. Because the area is so vast, enjoy Baluran National Park landscape can be done in several ways. At least divided into 3 major parts of the Evergreen Forest, Padang Savana Bekol and Bama Beach which is located at the very end. Enjoying the twilight in savanna Bekol become a mainstay for the tourists who visit here.

Ijen Crater

Kawah ijen BanyuwangiIjen Crater is one of the tourist destinations that are excellent in Banyuwangi. Its beautiful panorama with its stunning sunrise is an attraction for local and foreign tourists. Visiting Blue Fire Location became the most favorite icon in Ijen Crater. You will really see an impressive Natural Phenomenon. How can the flame appear in the middle of the sulfur mining area. Sometimes it’s dim, but then burns instantly. In addition, viewing the sunrise from the top of Ijen Crater with the charm of a blue-green lake is a beautiful scenery that is not to be missed

Teluk Hijau (Greenbay)

teluk-ijoThe location of Teluk Hijau Beach or commonly called Greenbay is still within the Merubetiri National Park area. Named Teluk Hijau because the sea water emits greenish color. Teluk Hijau has quite breathtaking views. Visiting this beach seemed to be in an isolated region far from civilization. Just imagine like a place by the beach surrounded by high cliffs and big trees. Silent and quiet. Only the sound of the wind that hit the leaves and the roar of the waves that slammed the rocks. Not many people come to this place because the road access is quite draining. If you are an adventurer, should be treking along 2 km up and down the hill is not an obstacle to be able to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery Teluk Hijau Beach

Ecotourism Mangrove Bedul

mangrove-bedulMangrove Bedul Ecotourism is an exotic tourist spot in Banyuwangi in the form of vast mangrove forest that is still natural. In addition to the area is quite large, the density of mangrove plants is like a fused so that the sun-rays are hard to penetrate. Be careful, because a bunch of monkeys that are too hyperactive sometimes will welcome you upon your arrival in this place. The most interesting of the mangrove forest is a trip down the river by boat Gondang-gandung. The recently built small pier makes it easy for tourists to walk to the riverbank where the boat is propped up. There are several routes offered based on the distance of the intended location. Among them is visiting kere beach.

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