Preserving Traditional Alu and Gasing Games in West Borneo

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We should be grateful that not all regions in Indonesia really forget what remains of the legacy of the past. Because if you talk about old games, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the games in the gadget now. Traditional games such as Alu and Gasing games are certainly recommended. Nothing but because the players can interact with friends around them directly. Very different from game play on gadgets. In addition to one-way communication on inanimate objects, or talking to yourself like crazy. Today’s socialite!

Getting to know what Alu and Gasing Traditional Games

There are many traditional games in Indonesia. Although each region has a unique game, but usually one type of traditional game exists in several regions with different names / designations. But even so, the function of practicing agility and cooperation between players remains the main goal of each game. The two most common traditional games in Indonesia are the game Alu and Gasing.

Origins of Gasing Games

Gasing game name comes from the basic equipment used.  Gasing game appeared in the West Borneo community with regard to elements of animistic beliefs before harvesting rice. They believe that gasing game will make rice more contained. But today, this game has begun to disappear even in remote villages.

Gasing is made of wood that has good quality. Shaped rather round and have varying diameters. At the top of the top, a little bulge is formed to wrap the rope made of spindle bark, or use thick woolen threads. The aim is not to break quickly when used. The length of the rope is approximately 2.5 meters. The trick is: The thread is wrapped around the top of the top that is prominent. Then the top was thrown to the ground while being slightly jerked so that the top could spin tightly. Therefore, gasing game must be done on flat and hard ground so that the top can easily spin.

Gasing games are usually performed in the morning and evening. Especially to fill spare time. Sometimes it’s also graced on a big day. In addition to functioning as an atmosphere of joy, the Gasing game gives excitement where each player will try to win. Generally the participants are children. But not a few adults also participated. The number of players is at least two people or in teams. The system is called seraje. If there are only two people, it is called alu. Top games will be more exciting if played by many people

Traditional Alu Games in West Borneo

I first saw this game when I visited Tembak village which is 169 km from Sintang district. It is said, according to residents, in ancient times the game of pestle was often played when there were residents around who died. The residents who attended to mourn were usually quite a lot. Even residents from neighboring villages also came to condolence. Because of this tradition, when many people gather they end up playing a game of pestle at night. The goal is simple … accompany the grieving family to the funeral the next day.

History of Alu Game

The history of the Alu game is reportedly from East Nusa Tenggara, but it is so popular in West Borneo. In East Nusa Tenggara, Alu game is usually done when the harvest arrives. Unlike the ones in West Borneo, the game has its own meaning. Played as gratitude and happy because there is indeed a big harvest.

The rules and how to play Alu are quite simple. Wherever this game is played, the rules for how to play are the same. There are two groups that will compete. Each consists of 4 people who act as bamboo holders. How to play it is: Bamboo is bumped to the ground parallel to the width of the shoulder, then banged again with each other in accordance with the rhythm. One of the opponents will stand in the middle and jump left and right so that his legs are not pinched by bamboo. The point is like that. To be more exciting, usually the alu game is accompanied by music and dance. This music template is used as a guideline for how fast bamboo is stomped. The players must have skill and agile foot movements. Because the longer, the tempo of the music will also be accelerated to find out how fast the opponent’s foot movements avoid the bamboo clasps.

The uniqueness of these two traditional games is indeed quite exciting to do. There are at least many benefits to be gained when gathering and playing together. Collaboration and active moves here and there make children healthier and learn to be sportive. Losing wins is a normal thing. And in Tembak village, this kind of traditional game is still done even though it’s not as often as before. Preserving traditional Alu and gasing games is the same as preserving Indonesian culture to stay awake at any time.

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