Panorama sunset kalibiru, Yogyakarta

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Kalibiru tourist attractions suddenly popular in recent years. A unique photo taken from the top of pine trees circulating quickly meet social media, making this place then visited by many tourists. Spot photos ‘a million people’ in Kalibiru tourist attractions are very interesting. The atmosphere of morning and dusk is the best moment. With a beautiful backdrop of sermo reservoir surrounded by Menoreh hills, making the natural scenery more beautiful with a blend of orange sky color when dusk arrives. While in the morning, the glow of golden light combined with a thin mist that enveloped the Menoreh hills like giving up the spirit. Kalibiru is indeed the right location for hunters of landscape. Another alternative to be able to see the sunset in yogyakarta is in the location of Embung Batara Sriten in Gunung kidul. Although the location is quite far, but the sunset view there is worth fighting for. Gradations of orange color of the sunset reflected off the surface of the lake water is green.

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KalibiruAccess to location

Kalibiru natural tourism object located at an altitude of 450 mdpl in Menoreh Hills Hargowilis area, Kokap district, Kulon Progo Regency. Broadly speaking, the route to be taken from the city of Yogyakarta is: Yogyakarta – Wates Highway – Wates City – follow the road directions to the Sermo Reservoir – Sermo Reservoir – follow the road to Kalibiru – Kalibiru Tourism Village

Routes throughout Yogyakarta to Kalibiru tourist sites in the form of smooth asphalt roads and easy to pass by car. If you want to stay longer, you can look for lodging in Kalibiru or maybe in the city of Yogyakarta because the distance is not too far away.

All you need to know

A few kilometers before the location, the streets are so uphill and winding. Make sure the condition of the vehicle in good condition before heading here. In some locations were placed several officers with a communication tool that controls the flow of traffic. Due to a steep incline with dangerous bends, the officer will arrange for the vehicle to go up and down in turns.

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