Panorama Embung Batara Sriten

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Enjoy the beautiful panorama of Embung Batara Sriten can be done in various ways. Sitting in the Gazebo while enjoying the breeze may be more suitable for you who come with your partner. Talking about the wedding plan, or whatever… For those who come with the best friends, it seems more appropriate to hang out in a street stall around the lake while drinking and laughing. For families, fathers – mothers and children, rolling out mats and eating lunch supplies under the tree shade seems fitting to fill out the activities at the end of the week. And for those of you who are single, young and stressed, or someone who wants to be alone, this place is the right choice to think. In a hammock swing mounted on the sidelines of an iconic tree, the shades and the fresh air seem to melt away your protracted heartbreak

Embung Batara Sriten is an artificial lake located at the top of Gunung Kidul. Believe it or not, even though the sun is shining bright, the temperature in this area is still cool. The wind that blows slowly adds to the cold. A pretty strange sight when we see everyone in this place wearing a jacket, while the weather conditions are bright with magnificent white clouds up there. Similar to the atmosphere in Europe

Embung Sriten

First heard the name Batara Sriten, flashed in the shadow like a figure of a God in Khayangan in the puppet play. Living in a fairy tale country in the highlands is like a heavenly paradise where the goddesses dwell. But apparently, the title of Batara Sriten given because the location of this lake is in the North Baturagung Mountains which shortened to Batara, and is in the region of Padukuhan Sriten. Yes, that’s what it means. The mountainous area of ​​Nort Baturagung is not much different from other regency of Gunungkidul. In the form of barren karst mountains that are often hit by drought when the dry season arrives. Embung Batara Sriten which is an artificial lake is like a tank of water. Built on an altitude of 800 mdpl with a capacity of approximately 10 thousand cubic meters which serves to hold water when it rains. In addition to preventing scarcity of water in the dry season, the area was eventually developed into agro-fertilized land surrounding the fruit

A moment after arriving at this place, I felt like I was on a cloud. The arch line is clearly visible from this place. Epic! Honestly I am impressed with anyone who designed this tourist spot. Not because of the beautiful architecture captivating, but the idea to create an artificial lake at an altitude like this other than useful also has its own charm for tourists. The photographer makes this place as a place for hunting sunset. It’s beautiful… And it does not seem to need sophisticated equipment because the sunset in this place is charming. Reddish orange color reflected off the water surface of the lake at dusk. With the background of rolling hills and clouds, the sun then gradually sinks in the curve of the earth. Prepare the camera! don’t forget to use a tripod

I have never taken sunrise from this place. Because there is no Hotel or the nearest location to stay. But don’t worry, Yogyakarta has the best spot also to see the sunrise as in Mount Nglanggeran or Punthuk Setumbu hill. But if you don’t want to tired, you can take sunrise merapi lava tour package located in the vicinity of Mount Merapi.

Embung Batara SritenRoute to Locations

From Yogyakarta to location of Embung Batara Sriten you can go through route: Jogja » Jl. Wonosari » Piyungan » Bukit Patuk or Bukit Bintang »T-junction Sambipitu to the left towards Nglipar » Kayu Putih Forest Plantation »T-junction before Pasar Nglipar left» Jalan Nglipar-Ngawen » Kedungpoh » Eastern T-junction Office of Pilangrejo Village Head Jl. Nglipar-Ngawen Km. 6.5 to the left » follow the asphalt road and cast block while view direction to Embung Batara Sriten and Baturagung Hills (Gunungkidul High Summit)

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Access to location

Get ready for hangers! The road to the location of Embung Batara Sriten is quite narrow with uphill road conditions and many dangerous bends. Even more worrisome, these street conditions are not all on the asphalt and many are damaged in some parts. On the initial route, you will be faced with moderate but long hills. After that proceed with steep climbs with extreme bends are quite dangerous. Creepy! I had several times to hold my breath because of tension. Especially because the road conditions are narrow and very risky if you have to pass the car from the front. After a few kilometers, the next is a rocky path of approximately 6 km to the parking lot. Can damage the vehicle suspension. Limestone rock is quite steep and uphill. My advice, don’t use matic car/motorcycle. Such damaged road conditions required excellent vehicles and experienced drivers.


Bring a jacket. Although the sun is shining bright, the temperature of the air is cold because the wind blows fast enough

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