Mount Bromo : The best Landscape in East Java

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Visiting the tourist attractions of Mount Bromo is actually not the first time for me. Every trip to East Java, as much as possible I always take time to visit Mount Bromo to see the sunrise. Mount Bromo tourist location from the first it has become the best tourist location in Indonesia. Has a vast Landscape with a sea of sand that stretches for about 3 km around the mountain area. When the moment of the sun rises, this sandy area is covered in a thick fog in the morning. The composition of thick fog and sunrise like this is similar to the sunrise at Bukit punthuk setumbu in Yogyakarta.

The best spot to take Sunrise of Mount Bromo is from the top of Pananjakan hill. One of the hilly areas that surround the tourist area of Mount Bromo which also becomes the boundary between the sea of sand with other land. From this place, you can see clearly the entire Landscape of Mount Bromo is very broad. Mount Bromo, Sea of sand, Bathok hill and Mount Semeru towering far nun there very clearly visible if the weather conditions are sunny. The breathtaking sunrise view just as it did in Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi

Social life and local culture that is still inherent in daily routine of Tengger tribe society become interesting phenomenon to be enshrined in photo frame. Especially when Kasada. A ritual by Tengger people every year to honor their ancestors. The event is centered in a Pure located in the middle of a sea of sand adjacent to the stairs to the summit. Interesting. A cultural building with a hilly background. No wonder if the location of this tour invited many tourists from abroad from the first.

Route to Locations

Toward the area of Mount Bromo is actually not difficult. All the way from Surabaya to the location they are all smooth asphalt roads. And more exciting, public transport-even widely available. For those of you who have never been to Mount Bromo, the route you should take is: Surabaya – Probolinggo – Mount Bromo. From Surabaya, you just go to the bus terminal ‘Purabaya’ then take a public bus to the city of Probolinggo. Travel from Surabaya – Probolinggo taken within 2.5 hours. Get off at the bus terminal ‘Bayuangga’ in Probolinggo, then change transport to Mount Bromo which is available 24 hours there. Simple

For you who come from outside East Java, to Surabaya is also not a difficult thing. From your hometown, you can take a train or buy cheap airline tickets that are promoted by travel agents.

If you want to catch the sunrise you should stay around here. Many available cheap hotels and lodging in Bromo. Jeep tours can pick you up from the hotel. If you start from Probolinggo try to leave no later than 1 pm. The journey from Probolinggo to Basecamp Bromo is reached within 1 hour drive. After that proceed with a Jeep towards Bukit Pananjakan to see the sunrise approximately 45 minutes. While waiting for sunrise visitors usually hang out at the stall while drinking coffee and eating hot noodles.

If you want to go to Mount Bromo you can contact Colouring Indonesia via Contact Us

Tips on visiting Mount Bromo

  • The air temperature at Mount Bromo is cold. Can reach 5 degrees in certain months. Bring warm clothes so you do not get cold
  • The facilities available are quite adequate. Starting from public toilets, places to eat, transportation, even if you still feel cold, thick jackets are also widely rented here.
  • If you’ve never been here, you should join the tour package
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