Mansai = Looking for fish in the shallow river

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Each region has its own unique story. If in Java is famous for its population density, it is different from that in West Kalimantan. More precisely in the Dayak community in the village in Ensaid Panjang. There are local customs called mansai, or fishing activities in different ways.

They continue to maintain tradition for generations. Starting from living in a big house or Rumah betang to other unique things that continue to be felt there. Especially in an age that increasingly makes the community into individualism, communal houses that seemed to be a magnet for anyone to visit especially foreign tourists. ‘Mansai’ fishing in the river becomes a hunt for a different experience. Moreover, there are a lot of rivers.

Getting to know the activities of ‘Mansai’ in Rumah betang Ensaid Panjang

Before knowing what it is mansai, we first recognize how the Rumah Betang Ensaid Panjang. It’s in Sintang district, West kalimantan. The Rumah betang Ensaid panjang is part of a wooded area located east of Kelam Permai subdistrict capital. Its name is unique. Located about 60 km from the capital Sintang District. Travel time is about two hours drive. If you are lucky, usually when there are a group of guests who come to Ensaid panjang they will be greeted with a traditional ceremony welcoming guests full of meaning. There are several traditional offerings and dances displayed as opening.

From this area came the community activity known as ‘mansai’. We call it fishing. But different because it does not use fishing rods and hooks. Mansai is a way of catching fish by using a typical woven craft of kalimantan shaped like a dustpan but no stick to handle.

Locals are mostly living near the river. The main activity of mothers is to make woven cloth that characteristic of Borneo in general. So do not be surprised if their activity in leisure time is mansai. Not fishing in general. They will take fresh fish in a small river. Little sell it. They often use the fish catch for cooking. Not only fried but there are many variants of cuisine

Even so there is also usually done with a group consisting of two people. The results are divided according to the group after the fish catches are sold to the market. Such as Bilis fish and Seluang. This fish is on the edge of the shallow river. Fish sold for about IDR 5K or about 4 ounces. There are also people who catch small shrimp though fairly rare. Because shrimp is only there at certain times. If the river is receding and cloudy then a lot of small shrimp. But if the river in the tide conditions then the result is the opposite. No shrimp.

Variety of Fish Cuisine from Mansai Activities

There are many kinds of fish dishes. Including those who like the processed fish, in this region is easy to find. Fish from mansai activities is fairly small and has many small bones as well. Difficult to eat. But do not worry, not everything we see is true. Fish dishes are delicious. Due to its small shape, these fish are usually eaten like snacks. Especially those who love the savory taste will immediately like the processed fish. No wonder if local people use fish mansai results for side dishes and not sold. Not only fried it but this fish can be eaten using sambal. The taste will be so perfect.

There are so many uniqueness related Rumah betang Ensaid panjang. Among them is the usual bejanih ritual they do to accompany the mothers weaving at night. In West Kalimantan, mansai became the activity of local residents who stole the attention. They maintain the cleanliness of the environment and the ecosystems that exist in the river around their residence. Therefore they can still get fish with mansai activity.

Some say that the facilities there are not many. Includes getting a fishing pole to catch fish. Therefore they use different ways of mansai with other areas. Capturing in this way is certainly harmless and more friendly to our environment. Do not use dangerous tools to get fish.

Immediately schedule your vacation to West Kalimantan, more precisely at Rumah betang Ensaid panjang. The customs are still there because they keep this unique activity. Mansai at Rumah Betang Ensaid Panjang becomes its own attraction. Come and get the cool atmosphere because of its natural beauty that is still kept well. West Kalimantan holds many unique things for us to recognize.

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