Due to geographical location in the hills and the coast, Sukabumi has some beautiful tourist destinations. Call it the Pelabuhan Ratu, Lake Situ Gunung, Ujung Genteng Beach and surfing Ombak pitu

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Sukabumi is a city surrounded by the district of the same name on the southern foot of Mount Gede – West Java. Approximately 100 km south of national capital, Jakarta. At an altitude of about 584 m, Sukabumi is like a resort town on a small hill with a cooler climate than the surrounding lowlands. The area around Sukabumi is also a destination for rafting. Tea and rubber production is a major industry. Surrounding suburban areas around the mountain has been growing rapidly in the population. Sukabumi district that surrounds the northern part of the volcano and bordered by Jakarta is home to most of the population of the district. Sukabumi has an area of 48.42 km2 area of the city with a population of 318 117


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The silence in Situ Gunung, Sukabumi

Select language : IndonesiaThe pine forest is quite dense around the lake seemed to give the feel of silence in Situ Gunung. Relieves all the crusty tigers inherent in the mind, then merge and drift with the tranquility of the lake. The freshness of the air we breathe shortly after arriving, like a long breath that then blows slowly away …

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