Motor Bandong Gallery : River transportation in West Borneo is still there

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Don’t just at home, Indonesia is beautiful. No stranger to hear this statement. Especially for those who are afraid to explore about Indonesia. Seeing the natural conditions that exist around us, no wonder if the statement is true. This means that Indonesia is waiting for the nation’s children to explore the wealth of resources as well as anything unique in it. Not exploit but introduce it to those who want to know that a lot of interesting things that we have. Including in every region, especially in remote areas that rarely touch the media. For example, a museum in West Borneo that is famous for the attraction of Gallery Motor Bandong.

Travel to Bandong Motor Gallery, Sintang District

Its location is about 13 km from the city center in Sintang District. If you want to visit this museum then it only takes about 15 minutes. No need to worry about road infrastructure. Under conditions that have been paved, visitors can conveniently go to Gallery Motor Bandong. It’s on the left side of the road and once you see it you can get an interesting impression. A large ship located in a very large area with Kelam Hill as a background that stands firmly on the other end. What a remarkable composition.

Sintang district actually has many tourist sites that have not been explored. Like Rumah Betang Ensaid Panjang – Traditional house of Borneo – which turned out to have educational tour that can add our insight about architecture. Not only the architecture is interesting, local culture such as ritual Bejanih is loaded with meaning. Visiting Gallery Motor Bandong included as an educational tour. Knowing the history, just the same we will also know the true culture of Borneo. This bandong motor gallery is called the Noah’s ship. Why?

History Gallery Bandong Motor

Many local people who call gallery motor bandong as the ship of Noah. Nothing else because the shape is synonymous with a houseboat in the old Palestinian era. There are many stories that say in the era of the year around 60an, this Motor Bandong boat had succeeded. Became a mainstay as a means of transportation along the Kapuas river flow. Of course this transportation is used by the local community. Usually used to transport all their needs. Whether as a human transport or for transporting goods. Usually motor bandong will along the Kapuas river route from the city of Pontianak to the interior.

Because of its unique shape, there is also a call it as a floating house. No wonder if motor bandong has a partition and complete space in it. Those who run it feel at home.

The uniqueness of Gallery Motor Bandong

Motor Bandong gallery can be spelled out is a museum. Specially designed with unique architecture that is a Bandong Ship. Resembles a community house of Malay. In it also contains a partition that has been made some space. Starting from the room, kitchen, living room or stern there is a warehouse to store many items.

The color of the ship is a combination of red and blue. Being the right photo spot for the tourists. Not only that, we can go upstairs to the museum. There are various objects of art and cultural value. For example like a woven fabric. There are also typical accessories like beads and sculptures as well as many other typical Borneo handicrafts on display.

Why be an educational tour? Gallery Motor Bandong also has traditional musical instruments such as sape’. There are also paintings on the inside of the ship. While the bottom or in the abdomen of the ship, visitors can also see the engine ship made by the Dutch in durable and maintained conditions

So many unique places we need to recognize. Indonesia keeps many stories and flashes of history in every region. Gallery Motor Bandong is one of the parts in it. Museum of transportation of olden times that ever triumphant.

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