Djawatan forest, Home for the Giant Old trees

This is about the fairyland in the real world. The best location to travel for different amazing holiday experiences. I didn’t expect much from this destination. However, it turns out that this ancient forest feels more like a fantasy place. A place where you will find a view of the real Fangorn Forest from The Lord of the Rings! And you may meet the incredible treebeard; who knows?

This ancient forest is called Djawatan Forest and is located at Benculuk village in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. It’s about 1 hour from the city center by bus or rental car. Parking space is available. Toilets and food stalls are also available at the forest entrance.

I couldn’t stop staring up at those trees, which is the reason for this place’s aesthetic value. No wonder that this ancient forest is not only the best place to visit on vacation but also a recommended place to shoot for any movies or video clips. Flying a drone is also recommended. You will find this forest full of old giant rain trees with epifit plants, such as ferns growing on their branches, so that it resembles a hairy and bearded giant trees, just like the treebeard in the Lord of the Rings character. Those trees are hundreds of years old, and some bats and bees make them their cozy nest. It brings us to ancient times or even to a fairytale with wonderful magic scenery. Additionally, if you’re looking for inspiration for your prewedding images, the aesthetic visuals of De Djawatan Forest are highly recommended.

If you feel exhausted walking around De Djawatan Forest, don’t worry; ATVs are available to explore the forest. Or you may take the other option, like carriage. A horse will pull the carrigae and take you to the forest to find some aesthetic spots to take some pictures. But I chose the trekking way, so I was just walking to explore and enjoy the whole part of the wonderful De Djawatan Forest. And the best part is that I got the best view of sunlight brightening De Djawatan Forest through those giant, hairy trees. Just like lights from heaven. It was afternoon time, around 3 p.m. But you can also get the same moment in the morning when De Djawatan Forest just opened around 7 a.m. You will see the incredible view of sunlight waking up all of those giant old trees. The best place for a deep connection with nature, fresh air, stress reduction, and a sense of calm. Such a rejuvenating and memorable experience. So get the moment and meet the treebeards in the magical and stunning De Djawatan Forest!