West Borneo

Most areas of Sintang is rolling hills with an area of 22 392 km2, or about 69.37 percent of the total area. Sintang is the second largest district in the province of West Kalimantan, after Ketapang. This area borders directly with Sarawak, Malaysia

Sintang is one of the Level II Region in the province of West Kalimantan. Located in the east and has a population density of 365.058 inhabitants. Sintang drained by two major rivers, namely Kapuas river and Melawi river. Sintang is one of districts that have sufficient forest area of about 21.99 percent of all forest areas in West Kalimantan. An unspoiled nature potential as a place of adventure. Sightseeing is fairly challenging located South sector such as small rapids tiered called Cascade. One of them is Pinoh River. Riam wave backed by hills and cliffs overgrown with trees which is a very harmonious blend of natural and appealing.


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Motor Bandong Gallery : River transportation in West Borneo is still there

Don’t just at home, Indonesia is beautiful. No stranger to hear this statement. Especially for those who are afraid to explore about Indonesia. Seeing the natural conditions that exist around us, no wonder if the statement is true. This means that Indonesia is waiting for the nation’s children to explore the wealth of resources as well as anything unique in …

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Mansai = Looking for fish in the shallow river

Each region has its own unique story. If in Java is famous for its population density, it is different from that in West Kalimantan. More precisely in the Dayak community in the village in Ensaid Panjang. There are local customs called mansai, or fishing activities in different ways. They continue to maintain tradition for generations. Starting from living in a …

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Ceremony of ‘Kikir Gigi’ from Dayak Tribe : Ritual of Maturity in Borneo Culture

If Bali has a tradition of leveling teeth called metatah, in Borneo there is bepapar custom. While traveling late last year, I witnessed the process of Kikir gigi ceremony in Silit village of West Borneo. According to local custom chiefs, the ceremony of Kikir gigi has been around since ancestral times. Borneo cultural actors are women of the Dayak ethnic …

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Guest Welcoming Ceremony: A Dayak Culture of Meaning

The uniqueness of Dayak culture in Borneo is not just a fairy tale. I have proved it myself when visiting Silit village in West Borneo a month ago. They are still practicing rituals or customs inherited by the ancestors. Well, one of the most interesting customs is the welcome ceremony. Dayak people appreciate and respect their guests. Therefore they hold …

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Woven Fabrics, West Borneo Handicraft

The beauty of nature and the uniqueness of Borneo culture always makes people curious – including me. I was so curious, I decided to explore the island for 2 months. Of the many destinations in Borneo, my heart is only focused on Ensaid Panjang in Sintang District. Ensaid panjang – to me – more than just a Dayak tribal village. …

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