Baluran Nasional Park, Africa Van Java adventure

Wandering through every corner of the Baluran National Park tourist location is not enough for just one day. This tourist location is quite extensive, approximately 25,000 ha, which is divided into 3 parts: Forest, beach and savanna

Get your binoculars ready to spot some amazing wild animals in Little Africa in Java, Indonesia. You can find a savanna landscape that resembles the African plains “home to wildlife.” Baluran National Park is located in Banyuwangi, East Java. The perfect place for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers and anyone looking for a unique nature holiday experience.

You can find the Japanese Cave at the main gate. This is a historic building where the Japanese in ancient times used this cave as their bunker when they colonized Indonesia.

Exploring the Baluran National Park tourist location is best to use a Jeep with a roof rack. Why a roof rack? I see some people like to sit on roof racks to enjoy the open air and freely watch the animals and amazing natural views.

To discover the beautiful big savanna, you should choose the summer time from May to October

Meanwhile, flowers begin to bloom when the rainy season arrives. There are 444 types of plants, 26 types of mammals and 55 types of birds. Recommended place for wildlife photographers. But you have to be careful with monkeys. They might be more aggressive than your ex LoL

If you need a wilder adventure in Baluran National Park then try to stay there for the whole night. There are several accommodations in the conservation area although the number of rooms is very limited. What I mean is by building a tent on Sejile Beach which is located in the northern part of Baluran National Park. It’s a better location to pitch a tent than some of the other beaches you’ll find there. The blue sea water and white sand are worth trying. Near Sejile Beach there is also Bilik beach. You will get the best beach view with Mount Baluran in the background. The waves are calm. A very beautiful place for sunset lovers